From uplighting to animated monograms, adding elements of light to your event will enhance the feeling of your event…

Let’s customize a lighting solution for your venue.

  • Uplighting or Architectural Lighting
  • Static or Motion Monograms
  • Intelligent Lighting

Uplighting or Architectural Lighting

When we use uplighting in a venue, there are a number of options. One option is to only accent the natural architectural features of the room. Maybe you only want to accent one or two walls of a particular space. Then there’s the full painting of light throughout a room. Or maybe we use all three techniques throughout your venue? Once cocktails and dinner are done, we can even use the uplighting to kickstart the dance floor by syncing the uplighting to the beat of the music!

Static or Motion Monogram

A customized monogram adds that extra flair to your event. For corporate events, a monogram can add your company’s logo or branding. Static monograms do not have elements within the design that move, while motion monograms can include design elements that build to form the monogram or even spin the monogram. We can work with you to create the right look for your monogram or you can supply a file that we can convert into one.

Intelligent Lighting

Adding intelligent lighting creates an extra level of party atmosphere while opening the door to creating special moments such as spotlighted introductions and first dances. Combining custom or standard gobos, we can make patterns, words, or symbols join you on the dance floor at the right speed for the music.