• Photo Booth

  • From photo strips to social sharing, adding a photo booth to your event creates a buzz while capturing memories...

  • Photo booths capture great moments for you to look back on. They are a place where your guests are more inclined to take fun and goofy pictures, especially when you include props.

    When I look at images from the events I’ve provided a photo booth for, I see that cute picture of the newly engaged couple you invited. I see the group picture where everyone is making a silly face as they point at each other and I see that generational picture where mom and grandma are wearing sunglasses and holding mustaches on their faces. Its these kinds of moments that usually aren’t captured by a photographer but totally deserve to be snapped.

    Photo booths break the ice. They encourage fun. They remind us what being a kid was like. They are also a great way for your guests to take home memories of your wedding. I have every photo-strip from every wedding I attended (as a guest) that offered a photo booth. When I look at those, it brings me back to that day and brings a smile to my face.